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three little birds

a couple weeks ago a friend of mine (jen) was about to embark on a painting project. i told her i would whip up the lettering in photoshop so that she could project it onto the canvas and get it perfect. sure enough – when i went to her completely gorgeous new kitchen, she had her painting up and it looks SO GOOD! i kept the file and played with it and settled on this for mine. now i need a groupon for a great deal on photo to canvas printing. i can’t wait to put it up in the family room. i thought about painting it…but i am so much better at photoshop.

i love these words for so many reasons…

our family vacation to jamaica * my 6 year obsession with the Legend album — still know every word to every song * grace loved this song and sang it constantly when she was 4. she would sing lots of the words wrong and that is what made it so endearing * and i just love the simple message

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