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Time for Change

in august, we will have lived in this house for six years. we have made lots of changes — the biggest being our addition of 1400 square feet in a big, beautiful finished basement. sadly, i lost my passion for decorating a year into this house and i have finally decided that i need to try a little harder to make this place a home that reflects (me) my family. a few weeks ago i asked perry to whip up these $10 picture ledges that i saw on pinterest. they went together super fast — but there were some hiccups with the stain. then, the garage door came down on one of them and ruined the end. so now we have three – we had to cut one into two pieces. i am happy they are up and i love the way they look. i need to invest some time into what will actually go on them. i want more color and less family photos. more artsy stuff.



the quote that i framed says, “sometimes the right thing and the hardest thing are the same thing.” appropriate for the kids — and adults.

my favorite is the framed map of africa. my parents have had an old atlas since i was little. they happily brought it to me and i am going to love using all the bright maps on future projects.

i am always on the lookout for interesting letters. found this P at a local shop for only $12.

i am dying to paint the fireplace brick…perry would not be happy. i think it would look much better white. maybe i will do it when he is out of town.

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