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it’s the same story — momma won’t spend a gazillion dollars on horriblly lit and posed school photos. the fact that the photo would appear in the yearbook was enough to throw grace into a fashion frenzy.  she dressed herself from head to toe in teal. BRIGHT TEAL. teal skinny jeans, teal shirt, teal hoodie, teal headband, and big teal hoop earrings. EXACTLY what i would have chosen for her. NOT! when she got home from school, she was gushing over the photographer and how positively wonderful he was. he told her that she was the most beautiful girl he had ever photographed. then she re-enacted the whole 40 second photo-shoot for me. she got to do THREE poses. she told us the story so many times that we finally HAD to start making fun of her.

i turned to josh and asked, “that school photographer must have been seriously hot stuff — grace won’t step talking about him.”

josh blurted out, “the guy with the messed up yellow and brown teeth that spit on me while he was yelling at me to SHOW THOSE TEETH?”

grace responded, “yep, that’s the guy!”

nobody will ever convince me that a school photo is a good photo. these are good photos. these are truly grace.

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