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Fireside Evening in CT

Fireside Evening in CT

American Vintage long sleeve shirt
$90 -

Joe Browns coat
$105 -

Ippolita necklace

Chan Luu bracelet
$275 -

Pyrrha heart necklace
$225 -

Ray-Ban sunglasses

Nail polish
$1.64 -

Coffee mug


i *heart* Photoshop

i’m working on a campaign at church for our upcoming missions weekend. i met with my good friend (and fellow Africa alumn) Michelle to come up with some ideas. we landed on an idea that included  white boards and boxes. i just couldn’t help myself. i love to photoshop stuff. i laugh every time this photo comes up on my iPhone lock screen.


Looking Back to When I Wasn’t Looking Ahead…

I never thought for a second when I captured a moment back on July 4th 2009 that I would try and take that same photo 4 years later and that my little kids would be so different –  so grown up. In 4 more years — everything will be completely different again. A reminder that these moments will never come again. A reminder to watch what is growing and changing right before my very eyes.


Dear Blog, I think about you everyday…

but just because I think about you – doesn’t mean I have the time to sit and visit. In fact, I am in my paint clothes, smelling like spray paint, and I am in a big hurry to finish painting an end table for Gracie’s “new” bedroom. How I ended up at my computer is a testament to my ADD. And, why would I start the HUMUNGOUS project of redecorating 2 bedrooms when I have miles of trim, a banister, and four-thousand pieces of door hardware to paint.

I sabotage every project I do by starting another project. It’s a disorder.





The blog guilt is really getting to me. When I got the bill for my domain name — it really hit me how little I document about our lives these day. And these are the days that are truly most amazing.

I’ll just start with the sub-project to all the other things going on around here. As if I didn’t have enough going on, I decided to FINALLY fix the on-going problem of the wallpaper glue that was appearing in our master bathroom. Little did I know that a few days with oil based primer would start an avalanche of change around this house. The beige is giving way to shades of grey. I’m {trying} to step outside of my {predictable} decorating box to add a little personality to our spaces. So far…we love it. So many projects left to do. It makes me tired just to think about it.

As of today, I’ve painted all of the interior doors and trim a crisp snow white. All of the hardware was removed, sanded, degreased, primed and painted in an Oil Rubbed Bronze finish. The Master bath, Master bedroom, pantry, kitchen, family room, laundry, back hall, and front hall have been painted. The front door, garage door and shutters have been cleaned and painted. I found a bench and recovered it in a white and yellow chevron fabric. I painted the kitchen table and four chairs. I made a faux roman shade for over the sink in the kitchen. I painted my den french doors dark grey. Started on the drop cloth draperies I want to hang in the family room — waiting for the weather to cooperate for this project.

All of this and a million other little projects have been filling the gaps between the kids’ schedules, the work I have been doing on a HUGE project, and just trying to keep up with cleaning, cooking, laundry and being a mom & wife.



it’s the same story — momma won’t spend a gazillion dollars on horriblly lit and posed school photos. the fact that the photo would appear in the yearbook was enough to throw grace into a fashion frenzy.  she dressed herself from head to toe in teal. BRIGHT TEAL. teal skinny jeans, teal shirt, teal hoodie, teal headband, and big teal hoop earrings. EXACTLY what i would have chosen for her. NOT! when she got home from school, she was gushing over the photographer and how positively wonderful he was. he told her that she was the most beautiful girl he had ever photographed. then she re-enacted the whole 40 second photo-shoot for me. she got to do THREE poses. she told us the story so many times that we finally HAD to start making fun of her.

i turned to josh and asked, “that school photographer must have been seriously hot stuff — grace won’t step talking about him.”

josh blurted out, “the guy with the messed up yellow and brown teeth that spit on me while he was yelling at me to SHOW THOSE TEETH?”

grace responded, “yep, that’s the guy!”

nobody will ever convince me that a school photo is a good photo. these are good photos. these are truly grace.


The 10th Anniversary of the 1st Day of School

even though it gets much easier to put these kids back onto a bus and back to school — the worry is always there. thankfully everyone likes their new schools and their teachers.

i am stepping way back this year — i did not join the PTO or take on any reponsibilities at either of the schools. my energy is being poured into another project and i am content with that.

here is the first day of pre-school 2003.


Time for Change

in august, we will have lived in this house for six years. we have made lots of changes — the biggest being our addition of 1400 square feet in a big, beautiful finished basement. sadly, i lost my passion for decorating a year into this house and i have finally decided that i need to try a little harder to make this place a home that reflects (me) my family. a few weeks ago i asked perry to whip up these $10 picture ledges that i saw on pinterest. they went together super fast — but there were some hiccups with the stain. then, the garage door came down on one of them and ruined the end. so now we have three – we had to cut one into two pieces. i am happy they are up and i love the way they look. i need to invest some time into what will actually go on them. i want more color and less family photos. more artsy stuff.



the quote that i framed says, “sometimes the right thing and the hardest thing are the same thing.” appropriate for the kids — and adults.

my favorite is the framed map of africa. my parents have had an old atlas since i was little. they happily brought it to me and i am going to love using all the bright maps on future projects.

i am always on the lookout for interesting letters. found this P at a local shop for only $12.

i am dying to paint the fireplace brick…perry would not be happy. i think it would look much better white. maybe i will do it when he is out of town.


i don’t especially like change

last night i dropped grace off at school for the overnight field trip to the zoo. i was comforted knowing both of the moms she would be with, but it was still hard to walk away. in that moment i felt a change. it was the moment i realized that she was okay without me. i looked back to see her surrounded by her fiends and she was laughing. i wanted her to look at me so i could wave one last time. she didn’t. she was still laughing. i don’t know why – but i find it much easier to watch the boys get taller, stronger, and older. letting go bit by bit is proving to be one of the hardest parts of being grace’s mom.


Onward and Upward…

i am the person who can use a computer well past its prime. i don’t mind rebooting 30 times a day. it seems like just yesterday that perry insisted on buying me a new mac…i fought it, but that computer won me over. on saturday, i had to admit that my mac was dying. i had exceeded its space and capabilities. *sigh* perry happily went skipping and whistling to the mac store to pick up a new iMac…a 27 inch beauty that is so ridiculously amazing i can’t believe i am looking at it …right here…in my den.

today i am thankful for a savings account. thankful that we plan for expenditures we don’t see coming. thankful for a husband who is crazy smart and loves me enough to spend all weekend making sure everything from my old mac is on my new mac.

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